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About the President

Jonathan M. Pace is a Chicago-based franchise consultant and business broker. He currently serves as the President of OnPace Franchise and Business Advisors.

After graduating from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Hospitality Administration and Management, Jonathan already had a passion for franchising. Starting as a general manager at a Moe’s Southwest Grill, within a few short years he became one of the youngest AT&T Retail Sales Manager in the region.

Over his career, Jonathan began to notice that there was often a disconnect between the employees and owners of retail franchises. In one specific experience, Jonathan was selected as a regional representative for a special employee engagement development program. Jonathan noticed right away that of the dozens of people in the room, he was the only one who actually worked in a company store. There was a gap between management and the employees on the ground level.

In that gap, Jonathan saw opportunity.

In 2015 Jonathan founded OnPace Franchise and Business Advisors. As a consultant, Jonathan brings both his years of experience in the field and the unique perspective of having worked on both sides of the table. Jonathan knows that franchise success doesn’t just come from the top down. Success happens when excellence is instilled at every level of the business.

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