Are you thinking about putting up your business for sale by owner?

We can help you put up your business for sale by owner (FSBO) cost effectively and correctly. Small business owners that want to put their business FSBO use us, because of our accounting and marketing teams. Our CPA team can appraise your business better than anyone. Our marketing team can discreetly present your business to millions of people. We do all this better and cheaper than you can do on your own.  Contact us for a free consultation at (312) 436-2748!

Why do you help small business for sale by owner clients at a discount?

We provide our services at a discount to small business owners looking to put their business FSBO, because it helps us too. We use our buying power to get a discount from major listing sites and press release companies. Our CPA team does the business valuation as part of the FSBO deal. We do this, because it helps us reduce our cost and build our brand. We are a firm that believes in building win-win relationships.

I want to sell my business myself, so why do I need help with my business FSBO?

You actually will be selling the business by owner, because we only handle the marketing and appraisal with the FSBO program. We only help determine the asking price and market the business for sale by owner as part of the FSBO program.  The press release and listing will have your contact info, so the leads will come directly to you. Any inquiries made to On Pace about your business listing will be referred directly to you.

We will be glad to provide advice as we are able. However, you will largely be responsible for answering questions, negotiation and the rest of the sale process. We want to earn and build upon our reputation daily, so we try hard to help business FSBO avoid mistakes.

How do you market my business for sale by owner?

We know how to discreetly advertise your business for sale to millions of people. We use major listing sites, press releases and our large LinkedIn networks. The ads present your business for sale without using its name or exact location. We do this, because there is a correct way to go about selling your business and we want to help you do that.

Do I have to pay a commission to sell my business on your listing program?

Most small business owners that want to sell their business for sale by owner do so to save money on commission. We certainly understand the need to safe money. Our listing program is not full representation, so we don’t expect a commission. We are simply helping you appraise and market your business for a low flat fee. Our listing fee greatly depends on how much work goes into determining the business value.  The better prepared your books are the easier it will be for our accounting team and the cheaper it will be for you.

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